Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning can be done two different ways. We can clean them at your home, but that is an appearance only cleaning. We recommend having them cleaned at our rug spa. This cleaning gets out all dust and dirt, and guarantees to remove any odors that may be in your rug. We have a drop off service, as well as pickup and delivery available!

Have your rugs visit our Rug Rejuvenation Station!!

We appreciate the value you place on your rugs and the fact that they deserve to be regularly and carefully maintained. Our family owned and operated company, DMD Carpet & Tile Cleaning knows that professional rug cleaning doesn’t just restore a rug’s beauty, but it also removes dirt, grit, mites, and bacteria that can drastically shorten a rug’s life. When it comes to rug cleaning in Oklahoma, DMD aims to restore appearance, longevity, and safety.

Known for quality rug cleaning, Oklahoma residents can trust all their cleaning to DMD Carpet & Tile Cleaning. We clean all kinds of area rugs including wool, silk, antique, sisal, oriental rug and all others. Trained in Oriental rug cleaning, Oklahoma homeowners are assured our technicians can be trusted with their most expensive carpentry. Because our technique is effective, yet gentle, our technicians can clean virtually any texture with impressive results.

We are very careful to treat all rugs in a different way from all other floor coverings – with loose surface dirt being removed first.

Rugs consist of special, fine fabrics. When rugs are being cleaned at DMD, we make sure to appreciate how important it is to treat them with very special care, which is precisely what we do. Your rugs are an important part of your home and business.

Rug cleaning process

Pre-inspection and deep vacuuming to remove embedded soils/sand.

Pre-treatment for heavy soil and spot removal, which is a warm mild cleaning solution PH balanced for your rug, which will prevent shrinkage or permanent damage to your rug’s natural fibers and elements.

Hand cleaning and brushing of fringes.

Rapid, controlled speed drying to preserve the strength and form of your rug (using a commercial grade fan)

Rug Protection

The cleaning your rug will receive does not end there. We also offer you the ability to preserve your rug through the application of a rug protector. The advantages of a rug protector include:

Helps protect against both oil and water-based stains

Helps rug fibers resist soiling

Helps spills blot up before they become stains

Helps stains release more easily when rugs are cleaned

Helps rugs stay cleaner longer

Helps protect rugs from colored drinks, soft drinks and frozen treats

Area Rug Cleaning Tips

If you take proper care of your area rug you will increase its life and appearance. We recommend the following tips for the care of your area rugs:

  1. Vacuum your rug regularly to remove any loose soil, and take special care when you vacuum the fringe and edges.
  2. Area rugs should be vacuumed regularly at least once a week.
  3. Some throw rugs, especially bathroom rugs, can be washed in a  washing machine.
  4. Rotate your rugs to insure even wear, rotate your rugs once every 6 to 12 months.
  5. Use an anti-slip grip underlay beneath your area rugs to help them stay in place. This will cause them to wear better.
  6. If your rugs get a spot blot up excess liquid with a paper towel immediately. Use a hairdryer to dry the cleaned area. If you succeed at removing the spot in that area, proceed to clean the rest. If your effort is not successful, call DMD Carpet & Tile Cleaning for advice.
  7. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning methods in order to prevent warranty invalidation and/or damage to your rug. Have a professional deep-clean your rug often. In order to prevent fast re-soiling, it is important to completely remove all cleaning agents.

*We run one person crews, so we ask that you move the furniture that you want moved. If you need us to move the furniture at pick up and/or drop off, please let us know ahead of time so we can send a two-person crew (additional fee applies)

**We do not move large or heavy furniture like pianos, entertainment centers, bookcases, large beds or other similarly heavy items. We also do not move electronics.

Other Services

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